Angela Hsu – Curator

“I want to introduce Taiwan through 100 Artists’ work “ said Hsu.  Hsu has worked as an Advertising professional for 20 years. Since 2014, she has been building an art-exchange platform between Taiwan & Germany. In 2018, she curated “Besuch Taiwan in Berlin” together with “Kulture Abteilung  in Taipeh Vertretung” to introduce Taiwan’s nature scenes [Shan. Mu. Shui. Niao.], i.e. Mountains, Woods, Flowers and Birds from 4 artists.


Ying-Tung Tseng (1953) – Oil Painter

“Mountains in Taiwan are like our Mother” said Tseng. Taiwan is a mountainous country. Tseng painted mountains to present his deepest love for his mother and his motherland. In this Exhibition, he presents his work “ Jade Mountain” , which will be permanently kept in Taiwan’s Embassy in Germany.

Li-Kai Chung (1977) – Wood Carving Artist

“All my materials are from old or used wooden materials – I want to rejuvenate those into a new life” said Chung. Chung sees “ a new life” in all used or unwanted wooden materials. He collects them and re-creates them. In this Exhibition, Chung presents his new work “Taiwan Forests” .

Jun-Wei Chen (1976) Gold Smith

“I wish to connect people’s hearts with my work’’ said Chen. With 25 years’ experience in traditional goldsmith training plus almost 10 years application in 3D printing technology, Chen has found his freedom in his works inspired by nature. In this exhibition, he premieres  his new work “Orchid flower”

Andrew TC Chang (1943) Nature Photographer

“ I am not a trained Photographer!” said Chang. After retirement following a lifetime career as a priest in Taiwan,  he has taken his camera and traveled to most places in Taiwan for bird watching. In this Exhibition, Chang would like people to see humanity and God’s love in his pictures.

Opening: 19 Jun 2018, 18:30 – 21:00
20 Jun 2018 – 10 Jul 2018


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